WEBSTER, Texas -- A woman says she is left feeling appalled and disturbed after a browsing session at a Bed Bath & Beyond in Webster.

Kathleen McMillen says she visited the store on Gulf Freeway near Bay Area Boulevard on Wednesday around 4 p.m.

McMillen says her guard was down at the time. She recalls looking through the back of the store when she noticed a young man staring at her.

He was looking me right in the eye. He didn t move, didn t move a muscle, said McMillen.

McMillen says the man got in her personal space, and her mouth dropped by the things he was saying.

He said, you heard me, I d suggest you suck my [expletive], she said.

McMillen says she wasn t sure where the vulgar comments were headed. She remembers screaming.

One of the sales associates peeked out. He must ve been in one of the aisles. He said I m with a customer. I said, no, you need to help me right now, she said. The worst thing that I was screaming, and no one, no one would answer. That is really frightening.

McMillen says a manager eventually took down a description of the guy. By that time, McMillen says the perpetrator had disappeared from the store.

That manger declined to comment to KHOU 11 News on Thursday. KHOU also left numerous messages with Bed Bath & Beyond s corporate public relations office.

Afterwards I realized that he had been following me in every department I had been in.

McMillen paid a visit to Webster police the next day. She says she wishes she would ve called 911 when it happened.

Police said they were aware of McMillen s story on Thursday afternoon.

This guy is pretty darn bold. He could be brazen to do something really even worse, said husband Mark McMillen. I m not saying that it s Bed Bath & Beyond s fault that this kid did this to my wife. I m just saying they dropped the ball and didn t help her when she was in need.

Kathleen McMillen says the encounter has taught her to be on guard at all times. She now feels it is her job to protect herself.

He could have overtaken me. He could ve done something and there was no one. There was absolutely no one, and no one seemed to really care.

McMillen says she asked Bed Bath & Beyond to see surveillance video, however she claims a manager told her it did not capture the young man s face.

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