HOUSTON -- Oh no she didn t! Lady Gaga accidentally gave Dallas a shout-out during her Houston concertThursday night.

The showtook place at the Toyota Center in downtown, just one night after her Dallas concert.

Some of Gaga s fans, or Little Monsters as they re called, weren t too happy about the slipup. Some boos were heard following the mention of Dallas, which is often considered a rival to H-town. Lady Gaga reportedly corrected herself and blamed the mix-up on a lack of sleep.

Many of the Little Monsters camped outside the concert venue for days leading up to the event all so they could get an up close standing position with their general admission tickets.

It wasn't Lady Gaga's first mistake madein Houston. In 2011 the singer fell off a piano while performing, andvideo of the incidentlater made the rounds on YouTube.

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