MURPHY -- City of Murphy prosecutors and Rhonda Aikman's attorney reached a plea deal just minutes before her public intoxication trial was set to begin Tuesday.

Rhonda Aikman, the ex-wife of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, agreed to plead no contest to the public intoxication charge. In return, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the charges after 30 days.

The two sides had reached a plea agreement Friday, but the judge rejected it. Under the rejected agreement, Aikman would've had to do community service and taken an alcohol awareness class.

Aikman came to Murphy Municipal Court Tuesday not knowing her fate.

They want to make sure Ms. Aikman wasn't treated any differently than any other defendant, said Pete Schulte, Aikman's attorney.

Murphy police arrested Aikman in August 2012 in the parking lot of McMillen High School. According to the police report, officers smelled alcohol and tried to pull her out of the car. They described Aikman as having slurred words and little control of her body movement.

Troy Aikman is my ex-husband, Rhonda Aikman said in the video. My kids are going to be influenced by this, and I didn't do anything wrong.

Rhonda Aikman didn't say anything as she left the courthouse, but her attorney did.

Having everybody show up today, having all the jurors come down here -- to some of these jurors, it probably seemed like a big waste of time Schulte said.

Schulte said he was surprised the judge rejected the first plea deal. He said his client is happy the case is over and she can finally move on.

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