HOUSTON -- The family accused of holding up banks on the West Coast before doing the same thing in the Houston area says they re not guilty of committing those crimes.

Authorities say Ronald Catt and his two children, 21-year-old Hayden and 18-year-old Abigail are bank robbers.

On Wednesday in a Fort Bend County courtroom, they all entered not guilty pleas.

They all have their own attorneys. Abigail's lawyer said her dad was the mastermind behind the robberies and pressured his kids.

She's very concerned about the situation she's been placed in by her father, and is hopeful we can resolve this for everybody's satisfaction, said David Michael Ryan, Abigail s attorney.

The Catt family used to live in Oregon. Authorities said they would rob banks there. Then they moved to Texas and hit up the 1st Community Credit Union in Katy and the Comerica Bank at I-10 and Fry.

Police say Ronald and Hayden would go inside the bank, while Abigail waited outside in the driver s seat of the getaway car.

Detectives caught the Catts by tracing the robbers' traffic vests that have an X on the back. Video from a Home Depot showed the Catt children buying vests with their father's debit card.

The family's next court appearance is in April.

If you re wondering if there is a Mrs. Catt, authorities say she died years ago.

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