SAN ANTONIO -- The Texas Guns shop in Leon Valley started seeing a trend before Christmas. Customers wanted certain firearms and they wanted to make sure they wouldn't run out of ammunition.

Owner Jerry McCall said business is brisk, and he expects the surge to last for quite some time.

I'm seeing a surge in the market, McCall said. I deal with 12 major warehouses in the United States. Those warehouses are empty, devoid of ammo.

Prices are going up, too.

Guns that were selling for $1,000 are selling for $3,000 now, McCall said.

Texas Guns also operates a shooting range. It's stockpiling certain ammunition just to keep the range open. It means that ammunition is not available for sale to the customer.

In other cases, Texas Guns has purchased ammo at another shop in the area just to meet customer demand.

Some police departments around the country have reported having a hard time getting their hands on ammunition. The San Antonio Police Department has not had issues getting what it needs.

KENS 5 called one supplier in Austin. It's surprised at the situation and had no explanation for the demand. A phone message is warning customers that back orders have been halted until further notice.

One local expert suggested the shortage is artificial and created by a panic as the White House reviews ways to reduce gun violence and stop mass shootings.

There isdiscussion that the United States could ban certain tactical weapons, so many are buying now.

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