HOUSTON -- A group of people is trying to help a dog that was found badly burned.

The Boxer-mix was found outside a shop that caught fire late last week in North Harris County.

Rescuers said Rocky was just wondering around the property with burns all over his body.

It s unclear if anyone owns him. KHOU 11 News was told animals are often dumped in the area and live as strays.

Jae Malik said, It breaks my heart to see an animal in this condition.

Some of the most severe burns are near his hind legs.

Malik said surgeries will be needed to help Rocky walk again.

She said, I have hope that things are going to get better for him.

Malik and some of her friends who rescue animals are paying for some of the medical expenses out of their own pocket. However, the cost of the care could cost thousands of dollars and they are asking for help.

They have set up a Facebook page so people can learn more about Rocky s recovery.

Malik said Rocky may need further treatment at the Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital, which specializes in animal burns.

Click here to learn more about Rocky s recovery.

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