SUGAR LAND, Texas A train hit an 18-wheeler carrying an antique Rolls Royce and a Nissan 300ZX sports car Monday at the intersection of State Highway 90 and Brooks Street.

Sugar Land police said the 18-wheeler was stuck on the train tracks when it was hit.

The driver struggled to get over them and out of the way, but had to bail when he saw the train barreling his way.

No onewas injured.

Bill Benoit was one of the first to see the wreckage shortly after impact.

I came from Stafford and when I come across the track, (I thought) what the heck is going on. There wasn t any cops. Nothing here then, Benoit, a former truck driver, said.

As a former truck drive, Benoit said he is not surprised this happened.

They don t have much clearance like a regular truck. They re real low the bottom frame, and when they go over that hump, they re stuck, he said.

Police said the driver of the 18-wheeler was not at fault.

The train conductor said that there were no hazardous materials on the train, which did not sustain major damage.

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