HOUSTON - Vandals have been busy at Lakewood Oaks Estates in northwest Harris County.

One neighbor, who wants to remain anonymous, said it has been one thing after another for months, and every incident costs residents money.

From Christmas decorations ripped apart to neighborhood urns being smashed, everyone in this Cypress neighborhood is fed up.

The vandals also busted out some green panels and the roof at the community playground. They also threw furniture into the neighborhood swimming pool.

But the final straw was caught on surveillance camera at Becky Bentley s house.

It just sounds like a handgun bam, Bentley said. Teenagers hurled homemade acid bombs at her front door.

If I were you, I would come to the front now and say yep it was me and face the consequences that I already have in front of me, Bentley said.

No one is sure if any of these cases are related they just want them to stop.

They are things that seem kind of petty, but when you add them up over the course of the year it s just this recurring pettiness that we had to pay for, one resident said.

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