HOUSTON -- After years of battling in court, the City of Houston and the popular Galleria-area strip club, Treasures, have reached an agreement to move forward.

In exchange for dropping three separate lawsuits against each other, Treasures will pay $100,000 into City-administered Nuisance Abatement Fund to help combat human trafficking.

Additionally, the club must post signs at every table stating no illegal activities, including lewdness, prostitution or drug use are permitted.

The settlement agreement also allows the City to send in an undercover inspector to check in on Treasures at any given time.

The confidential document was signed Dec. 5, 2012, and was obtained by the I-Team on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013. It also requires Treasures to record and provide video surveillance to the City during a verification period, which expires February 7.

The agreement effectively ends a court battle stretching back to 1983, when the owners of Treasures sued the City of Houston for selective enforcement.

The parties have committed to work together to abate any nuisance activities which might occur in Treasures and have joined together to eliminate certain illegal activities in the City of Houston, including human trafficking. The citizens of Houston will benefit greatly from this agreed settlement, City of Houston Attorney David Feldman said in statement.

Despite the agreement, attorneys for Harris County continue to move ahead with a lawsuit alleging Treasures is a haven for drug trafficking and prostitution. That case is set for trial in April.

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