HOUSTON -- Houston has the highest percentage of people without health insurance in the country. While some people simply can't afford it, one local doctor is offering his services, free of charge.

Dr. Aijaz Ali Khowaja founded the Ibn Sina Foundation. It s a one-stop shop for quality medical care.

First time patient Karen Best never thought she would be in a lobby like this.

I lost my job a few months ago and I am a cancer survivor, so I need medical care and I'm basically uninsurable, said Best. So I don't have insurance. I'm always looking for some place that it affordable.

The fifth clinic opened by Ibn Sina on Houston s southwest side. It s funded with help from St. Lukes Episcopal Health Charities and the City of Houston.

The community need is so great that the Ibn Sina Foundation expects to serve more than 80,000 visits this year alone, but that doesn't fully meet the need. That s why they are building a sixth clinic later this year.

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