LA PORTE, Texas - A burglar on a bicycle stole from a family in the Lomax area of La Porte and left behind a neighborhood full of worry.

It s kind of a neighborhood where you leave your car doors unlocked and your homes unlocked, admitted Mark Barrett. I think that will probably be changing from here on.

It happened at about 5 a.m. while a family slept in the 1200 block of Robinson Road.

La Porte Police believed the same man was described as riding his bike along Highway 225 at Deer Park s Center Street and crashing a party around the corner from Robinson Road before the burglary.

Police told us the garage was left open at the house and the man went in to steal electronics and jewelry from the family.

This was just a crime of opportunity to where he was just possibly looking for an unlocked door, said police Sgt. John Krueger.

Krueger said the homeowner woke up and ran the man out of the house. He managed to knock the bag of loot out of his hand and knock him off the bike, but the suspect ran off on foot.

When the homeowner went back in, it was discovered immediately before police even arrived that the suspect had been through multiple rooms within the residence, Krueger said. vThat is when the father of four noticed something very alarming. One of his young children, under the age of 10, had been picked up and moved.

It was clear that the individual had touched the juvenile, Krueger said. How that was done, whether that was related to moving the juvenile, because of theft offense or some other offense, we re uncertain at this time.

If anyone has additional information about the crime, call the La Porte Police Department s Criminal Investigations Division at (281) 842-3173.

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