KEMAH, Texas-- Don t panic. Kemah is not under attack.

Still, some people strolling along the Kemah docks Wednesday afternoon had to wonder what in the world they had found when they looked into the water submerged in the bottom of the marina, it appeared to be a classic, cigar shaped bomb with fins dropped straight out of an old war movie.

The treat looked so real, a few people who lived on nearby boats were told to evacuate as police and divers embarked on a salvage operation.

When the tide was out, some people here reported they saw a device in the water, said Bill Kerber, Kemah s emergency management director. It looks similar to a bomb.

Cameras and reporters were kept at distance, but from across from the marina, zoom lenses captured images showing what looked like a World War II-era aerial bomb.

People who live around Kemah remember hearing about an old dud lying around a salvage yard, leading to speculation about the origin of the device in the Kemah marina.

It probably came from an old marine salvage yard that used to be in the area, Kerber said. And they had lost it during one of the floods.

The lost piece of military ordinance had a hole in its side, Kerber said, but not explosives.

It turned out to be not only harmless, but also pretty much worthless.

Officials plan to haul it away.

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