HOUSTON -- Although disheartening, it happens every year. In the season of giving, there s always someone who just wants to take.

Sisters Baby Dominguez and Jazelle Mendoza share an apartment and have five children between them. They came home Thursday to find the apartment ransacked and $800 worth of presents stolen from under the tree along with $400 in cash they had set aside for the holiday.

It was for Christmas dinner, said Dominguez. It was going to be all the family.

It was going to be her first Christmas with all the family in seven years.

It destroyed everything, said Dominguez. We don t have any more savings. We don t have gifts for our children, nieces and nephews. We got nothing. Why are there people like that?

What do I think? asked Mendoza. I think they re selfish and don t think about anyone but themselves.

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