HOUSTON As the holiday shopping season wraps up, is urging consumers to be wary of four popular credit card scams.

The scams include promises for hot gifts, phishing schemes, counterfeit gift cards and fake charities.

In the rush for hot holiday gifts some scammers have set up fraudulent websites and social media ads promising a supply of popular items. But instead of sending out the items, the sites instead steal the consumer s credit card information.

While gift cards are a popular choice in a time crunch, don't move so quickly that you overlook the source. Counterfeit cards are often sold on auction sites. Also be wary of cards that are sold at less than face value. Thieves will purchase gift cards with stolen credit cards and resale them.

When you re checking your email for delivery notices be wary of phishing schemes. You may receive emails that appear to be from FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service asking for financial information to have parcels delivered. The forms are not legitimate.

Finally, as you look to help non-profits, be wary of fake charities. They often pop up during the holidays to bait people looking to give year-end donations.

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