HOUSTON -- What happened to a woman at lunch the other day is a cautionary tale for all of us about crimes of opportunity.

The victim was enjoying lunch Wednesday at an Olive Garden on Houston s southwest side, but when she finished her pasta, she discovered her car window had been smashed.

She contacted KHOU 11 News to make an unusual public appeal to help recover some stolen memories

What they took is important for me, not for them, said America Escobar.

Escobar said the burglars can keep the iPods that were taken, as for her laptop, she needs it back because everything is on it.

The laptop contained all the pictures from just about every major event in her adult life, including her wedding and a recent mission trip.

I don't have another copy, Escobar said. My honeymoon pictures -- who else is going to have those but me?

Escobar wants the burglar to put all her pictures on a flash drive.

She is a Jehovah's Witness and she said whoever has her pictures could leave the flash drive in an envelope with her name, America Escobar, on it. She asks that the flash drive be left at any Kingdom Hall. She's certain she will get her pictures back in no time.

Authorities said car burglaries are 100 percent preventable if you lock all of your valuables in your trunk.

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