HOUSTON Puppies and presents were stolen from a family with five children in the Hiram Clarke area.

It happened during the day Tuesday on Dalmatian Drive while mom and dad were at work and the children were at school.

Ten-year-old Dazmyne Parker got home first and noticed the house was turned upside down.

She called her mom.

I said mama, we got robbed, said Dazmyne. I told her what they stole and she said she would be on her way to the house.

When Starr Parker got home, she immediately saw the broken window and then the two missing flat screen TVs.

Just to come home and see that people have rifled through your things is really unnerving, said Parker.

The mother of five started looking in her closet for the Xbox, iPod Touch and video games hidden for the children.

They were missing too.

You teach your kids not to steal and for someone just to break in and take their things, it s hard to explain to them why someone would do that, she explained.

This is the second time this year that the family has been hit by thieves.

I expect them to take electronics, Parker said. They ve done that before, but to walk out with six puppies?

The family s female pit bull named Diamond had a half dozen puppies a few weeks ago and they were snatched too.

The family planned to sell all but one.

Dazmyne was crushed.

We asked her if she could have one thing for Christmas, what it would be.

You might think she would tell us the iPodon her list, but her answer came between tears.

The puppies, she said.

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