HOUSTON -- A north Harris County man was recovering from a gunshot wound and pistol-whipping after he was ambushed outside his home last week.

The attack happened Friday just before 10 p.m. on Meadow Butte Drive.

Bobby Jackson said he didn t know he was being watched until he stepped out of his car.

The 28-year-old recalled parking out in front of his home and opening the driver s side door. He soon found himself staring down the barrel of a gun.

The criminal holding the weapon immediately began making demands.

So he came right here, and stuck the gun in my face, explained Bobby Jackson. [He said] this is for real. He s like, give it up, give it up.

Jackson said the armed man wanted the keys to his Chevy Cavalier.

I believe in sticking up for yourself and sticking up for your rights. So I told him, no, you re not getting my car, said Jackson.

Jackson was well aware that one wrong move could be it. He tried to create a distance by stepping back slowly toward his home.

I ve taken self-defense training on how to remove a gun, but when it s this close to your face, if I were to do something, I could ve been killed, he said.

As he got closer to his front door, the criminal-pistol whipped him over the head. Jackson tried to make his getaway, and that s when he heard a loud pop.

My leg was just pouring blood, he said. It went through here and came out here.

The bullet entered and exited through his right calf. Doctors told Jackson that the bullet narrowly missed his tibia.

The gunman took off empty handed into a nearby wooded area. Harris County Precinct 4 deputies responded but couldn t find the criminal.

Neighbors in the Ponderosa Forest subdivision were terrified of a repeat encounter.

What am I going to do? I m going to keep my alarm on day and night. He could come in. He could knock me down or kill me or anything. You re helpless, said neighbor Amy Czerwinski.

Jackson said he refused to give the gunman that power. He feels that taking a stand was the right thing to do.

I ve got a lot of neighbors that I care about and a lot of them are elderly. I m lucky it was me, he added.

Jackson believes the gunman was hiding behind some bushes outside his home as he parked out front. His landlord has since had those bushes cut down for safety reasons.

Jackson said when he gets paid on Friday he plans on purchasing a gun.

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