HOUSTON -- From her living room, Vanessa Jones slowly goes through pictures on her computer. They are of her friend, Carlet Blake.

She was very outspoken, Jones said. She would speak up for herself.

Jones and Blake worked together at MD Anderson, where Blake was an insurance specialist.

The 43-year-old mother and wife had just seen her son off to college and helped her husband open a barber shop.

She died Wednesday night while walking to her car, following a path she took almost every day.

Blake was at the crosswalk at Holcombe and South Braeswood at the Texas Medical Center, when a hospital shuttle van came barreling out of nowhere.

Police say the driver, 54-year-old Henry Foots, had suffered some kind of a medical episode.

He had 17 passengers on board. Eleven of them were injured and taken to the hospital. All survived.

It s been very difficult, Jones said.

Friends and family are now preparing for Blake s funeral, which will held be next Saturday in Beaumont.

Jones said she at least takes some comfort in knowing where her friend is now.

Heaven, she said. She has completed her job here.

Jones describes Blake as a woman of faith. She says she went to church every Wednesday and that is where she was planning to go on the night she died.

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