SAN ANTONIO -- Lawyers representing victims of a deadly railroad crossing crash in Midland earlier this month filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against Union Pacific Railroad and the company that owned the truck hit by the train.

Four combat-injured veterans died in the accident, and 16 other people were hurt.

Smith Industries owned the truck and employed the driver who was behind the wheel of the truck when it was struck by the train.

My clients are people who have sacrificed their lives for the public good in the military, and (they've) been injured in public service, lawyer Kevin Glasheen said.

Glasheen represents Staff Sgt. Todd King and his wife, Laci, residents of San Antonio.

Both suffered non-life-threatening injuries after jumping from the float just before the train slammed into it.

Glasheensaid more victims have retained his services and will be added to the lawsuit in the next few weeks.

He said he filed the suit Wednesday in order to protect the integrity of sensitive evidence, including audio recordings from the train's black box and the gate.

In our experience, the railroad has changed evidence or evidence has disappeared, Glasheen said.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators left Midland on Tuesday after 12 days at the scene. The NTSB's initial report is expected to be released in a few weeks.

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