HOUSTON Apartment residents in southeast Houston were dealing with an expensive mess Wednesday after waking up to find the tires on more than a dozen of their vehicles had been slashed.

At least 14 vehicles were damaged at the Atlas Broadway apartments in the 8400 block of Broadway.

I was coming out to go to work and, you know, just trying to make a living and I come out and my tires are on flat, said Anitra Elmore.

She and the other residents were shocked at what they saw.

You can see the knife holes in the tires where they put the tires on flat, like intentionally put the tires on flat, said Carol Allen. For what reason, I don t know. Everybody s cars. Everybody.

Residents said one part of the problem is the lack of security in the complex. They said the security gates are constantly left open and surveillance cameras don t work. The tire slashing is just the latest in a string of vandalisms, according to residents. Many say their vehicles and apartments have been burglarized on numerous occasions and they want the management team to take action.

Do something about it! You know, make some changes around here, Elmore said. Get these gates fixed. Because as long as these gates are opened up, they re going to keep coming in and doing the same thing.

The apartment staff had no comment.

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