DALLAS -- A website, called Big Rush In, highlights a local rapper named Lucille Baller. But it's Baller's other job that is bringing the artist unwanted attention from the Dallas Police Department.

Lucy keep it real, I'm going to tell you like it is. Don't push Ms. Lucy, because you won't like the consequences, the lyrics of the song say. Lucy got a drawer full of all day suckers, don't mess with me, or I will shoot the [expletive], 'cuz Lucille Baller she been to hell and back.

She boasts with threats towards those who cross her, like many rappers.

But the woman in the videos is no ordinary rapper. Behind the big wigs and short skirts is Dallas Police Lieutenant Regina Smith, who commands two investigative units at DPD.

She also lost her husband in the line of duty in 2009. The city mourned with her as she courageously laid her husband to rest.

On the website, she is wearing her police uniform and talks about the department. While sitting a table talking to some women, she says, And you know what I would do to somebody who tried to take advantage of me? You see this bullet right here? I'll stick it from the rooter to the tooter and bring it out.

Later in the video, she pulls out her revolver, which she calls Lucy and pretends to fire it.

News 8 asked a renowned criminologist, who has written 11 books on police accountability and ethics, what he thought.

It's inappropriate action by a police officer - especially a high-ranking officer - to the extent it talks about killing people, and well, that's criminal activity and you simply cannot have it, said Dr. Sam Walker, Emeritus Professor of Criminal Justice as the University of Nebraska.

He said the videos send a bad message to the community.

You could have kids in the community saying, 'Hey, this police officer is talking about shooting people, why can't we?' Walker said.

Lt. Smith wouldn't comment, but on the website said she did this to keep her husband's memory alive.

BIG RUSH IN LLC, (BRI) is a music production/independent record label that was established to provide a safe and trustworthy avenue to promote new artist in the music industry, the site reads. BRI was created out of tragedy and loss, yet progresses forward fulfilling God-Given dreams.

But, the department may see it differently. They're reviewing the videos to see if Lt. Smith violated police standards.


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