HOUSTON A man fatally shot a suspect and injured another during anattempted robberyin a west Houston parking lot late Tuesday, police said.

A third suspect was still on the run Wednesday morning.

According to the Houston Police Department, it all happened around 10 p.m. on Medfield Drive at Dairy Ashford Road.

Police arrived at thescene to find two men with gunshot wounds. Both were sent to the hospital in critical condition where one of them later died.

An investigation revealed the alleged robbers approached two men in a parking lot at gunpoint and demanded their wallets and other valuables.

The suspects found out they were at the wrong car and became a little agitated, pulled a pistol out and raised the pistol up, said HPDSgt. James Devereaux. One of the complainants or victims had a Concealed Handgun License. He was able to obtain his pistol and defend himself and his friend.

A witness said the third suspect managed to get away but not before he was hit by a passing car.

When we heard like six gunshots and we ran outside, we saw a guy, he was getting robbed, said resident Ashley Roy. One escaped, but he was hit by a car.

Police were still looking for the third man. A description of the suspect was not available.

No charges were expected to be filed in the shooting, but the victim was taken away in a patrol car for questioning.

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