INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. -- A dog rescued from a York County shelter is credited with returning the favor, waking his new owners when their house caught fire.

He is a 7-month-old Boxer-Mastiff mix, named Tank.

He definitely did the return, without a doubt, and rescued us, said his owner, Russell Ewing.

Tank was adopted from an animal rescue group called 2nd Chance. The group received Tank just days before he was to have been put down at the York County Animal Shelter.

So with his second chance, Tank went to live with Ewing and his wife, Krystal, in Indian Trail.

Ewing said Tank is very intuitive and that there was no doubt the dog knew something was wrong in the house last Sunday morning.

He nudged Krystal and then he woke me up with a little of his whining, Ewing said.

He thought the dog just wanted to go outside but that was not it at all.

He led me down the hallway and stopped instead of going to the back door, which is what he would usually go to go outside, and there was smoke coming from the laundry room, Ewing said.

It turned out that the laundry room was in flames.

The fire department was able to keep the blaze from spreading, and while there is damage to the home, the Ewings are just grateful to be alive.

We'll be blessed a lot every Thanksgiving but we'll definitely have a lot to think about, said Ewing as he took Tank for his evening walk.

Tank once ate two of Krystal Ewing's shoes.

He's made up for that, said her husband.

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