CROSBY, Texas A Crosby family is grieving their two pet Yorkies after a devastating attack. They say their beloved pets were killed in a vicious mauling that played out in their own backyard.

The Nickels said this isn t the first time that the pit bulls responsible have brought fear to their lives.

Laura Nickels said she s even seen the pit bulls make it to a neighborhood bus stop. This time, she says the dogs broke through a wooden fence and into her yard.

She said her much smaller dogs didn t stand a chance.

Our dogs were brutally murdered. The neighbor, I tried calling him, and his phone was off. When it was all over and done, [he says,] Oh are my dogs over in your yard? Yeah, you couldn t hear the screaming and banging, recalled the mother of five.

The two Yorkies, Max and Breezy, were killed instantly. One of the family s pet Chihuahuas is now recovering in a body cast.

I was thinking, are my dogs going to make it? What s going to happen to them, said 9-year-old Alyssa Nickels.

Laura Nickels said a deputy responded and gave her a slip, but didn t take away the pit bulls.

Someone is going to have to be killed, or brutally attacked for them to come and take the dogs, said Nickels.

Nickels showed KHOU 11 News cell phone video she says she took last month. She claims it shows the pit bulls in her yard on a prior occasion.

KHOU went to their owner s home for comment, but the front gate was locked.

I feel horrible that my dogs lives were lost, but they saved my children. My kids are usually out there (in the) morning. They were watching cartoons. Thank God they were sick, or they could be dead right now, added Nickels.

Nickels said she is waiting on a follow-up visit from deputies. In the meantime, she says she s been advised to file a dangerous dog petition with a judge.

The Harris County Sheriff s Office confirmed responding to the incident but declined to discuss the case in detail, citing an on-going investigation.

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