HOUSTON Charges have been filed against the man who abandoned two small boys found wandering alone in a southeast Houston park in July.

L.G. Gary, also known as G Money was charged with endangering a child.

People who were out enjoying the sun at Schnur Park in the 12400 block of Cullen on July 11 noticed the boys, ages 3 and 4, had no adult supervision. The children were afraid and said they wanted their mothers.

KHOU 11 News received a tip about the lost boys and our reporter, Rucks Russell, was the only reporter to arrive to the scene and went on-air with a live report.

A person who recognized one of the boys from the KHOU 11 News broadcast drove up and told Russell she knew exactly where his mother was, then led the news crew to a house full of young adults.

After it was explained how the boys were found and where they were,one mother went into a frenzy and had to be carried into the house by a friend. KHOU 11 News cameras then followed her and the rest of the family to Children s Protective Services, where the boys were taken.

Raw video of the mom's meltdown

The grandmother of one of the toddlers said a friend took them to the park and insisted they were not left alone.

She said G Money took the kids to the park and thought it was all a big misunderstanding.

The kids just wanted to go to the park, that s all, she said.

The children were turned back over to their families.

But viewers were left to wonder, who was G Money and how did the children end up alone?

Houston police locatedthe 58-year-old manand, after many months of investigation, charged him with abandonment.

According to court documents, Gary was a family friend who had taken the boys to the park on many occasions.

Not out of the ordinary, he asked if he could take the children again that day and the mothers agreed. What was out of the ordinary, however, was when he returned to the home without the boys.

When the young women asked where the boys were, he allegedly just got into his truck and drove off, not giving any answers. The mothers noticed he smelled of beer and said he had a can of it in his hand.

They still had no idea of their children s whereabouts until Russell delivered the news.

Gary denies he ever left the children alone. In fact, he said he was at the park when the police and news cameras arrived, but he did not come forward. He claimed he had drank three beers that day, investigators said.

Formal charges were filed against him on November 14. His bail was set at $2,000.

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