HOUSTON A Tomball nurse is accused of severely shaking his 3-month-old son and fracturing his skull, according to Harris County Sheriff s deputies.

Michael Boltron Iglesia is accused of felony injury to a child.

Iglesia and the infant s mother, Jade, are both nurses who work alternating shifts.

On September 20, the mother alerted her husband that Baby Ezekiel was twitching and jerking.

They took the baby to the clinic, where doctors immediately called for an ambulance.

Physicians at Texas Children s Hospital said the baby was suffering from brain and retinal injuries, which were consistent with a severe shaking or a severe shaking combined with an impact against a blunt surface.

They questioned the parents about what could have possibly happened.

Iglesia told doctors the baby had fallen from an ottoman onto the carpeted floor six days earlier. But doctors said that fall would not have been life-threatening.

The injuries, they said, appeared to have happened the previous night. Jade Iglesia told investigators the baby was alone with her husband that night, according to documents.

Iglesia was arrested and charged.

On Friday, a crying Jade Iglesias defended her husband.

It was a terrible accident. My husband is a good person, she cried. We are not abusive parents. We love our kids.

She also changed her story and said the baby was with a 94-year-old relative the night he was apparently hurt.

Iglesia remains jailed on a $30,000 bond.

The baby and a sibling are being cared for by a family friend while the investigation continues.

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