HOUSTON When the news broke that Jessica Tata s daycare was on fire and that children were inside, it was hard to see past the tragedy.

It was even harder when the faces of the four young victims were first revealed.

But in death, one of them gave life. Sheree Jones now wants everyone to know that.

He was just 16 months old, she said, And a hero.

His name was Elias Castillo. After he died, his heart and liver went to two other children. His kidneys saved a 40-year-old woman s life.

His story is now on a Website called the Organ Donor Hall of Fame. Sheree and her husband Michael launched it last year.

The site features the stories and pictures of more than fifty men and women, of all ages, who sacrificed an organ to save someone else.

They ve contributed to the lives of people who have been waiting for an organ for who knows how long, Jones said.

The idea came after the couple from Katy lost their son, Chad. The 21-year-old died from a motorcycle accident in 2009.

He was very compassionate to anybody that he met, his father Michael said. He would go out of his way if they needed help in any way.

The Jones say they ultimately hope to have a traveling hall of fame for organ donors. Their dream is to display it at the Texas Capitol and one day, The White House.

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