HOUSTON A Houston father is accused of shaking his 2-month-old son so hard, he caused the baby s brain to bleed, according to the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

Elvin Pomier Jr., 28, was charged with felony injury to a child.

Pomier s wife left him alone with the baby boy on October 1. Pomier said he was in the bed reading a magazine when the baby woke up fussy and red in the face.He tried feeding the child, but the baby refused to eat, then let out three loud burps and went limp, Pomier said. That is when hecalled 911, according to court documents.

Pomier told investigators he never harmed his son, but a physician at Texas Children s Hospital said Pomier admitted to shaking the child.

When I stopped shaking him, he started up again (being fussy) and when I stopped, he just burped three times, Pomier allegedly told the physician. The doctor said Pomier then went on to describe how the baby went limp and his arms and legs began to hang.

Doctors said the baby was bleeding in multiple layers of the brain, which was also swollen, and those injuries were consistent with abusive head trauma.

An MRI showed dead tissue in the cortical area of the baby s brain, but doctors said the child has a good chance of survival, although there could be some developmental problems.

Pomier s bail was set at $30,000.

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