AUSTIN, Texas-- There are countless social cycling groups in Austin, however, Wednesday night members shed their club names and met as one at the Emma Long Center for a Memorial Ride with meaning.

This is to honor Cody and this is a ride he typically went on, said Leslie Luciano, a co-worker and friend of Cody Johnson, a cyclist killed last weekend by a suspected drunk driver.

Cody was doing everything right. He was wearing a helmet, he was being safe and he just got hit by a drunk driver, said Brett Calomeni with Queer Ride, one of the social groups organizing Wednesday s ride.

Cody Johnson, 28, an employee at the Bicycle Sports Shop in South Austin was riding close to 12:30 a.m. Saturday, November 3rd when a driver hit him.

KVUE was told that the driver stayed at the scene with Johnson until help arrived but was later arrested for DWI.

Wednesday around 7:30 p.m. close to 50 cyclists from different social groups left the Emma Long Center and traveled up Lavaca Street towards the Texas State Capitol.

Riders we re determined to raise awareness while they honored Cody s memory.

The more people see that we're here and that we're not going away, the more that they'll realize that we have to all share and work together on the road, Calomeni said.

There are two more memorial rides scheduled to honor Cody Johnson and the other 67 people killed in Austin traffic fatalities this year.

Riders are meeting at 11:30 a.m. Sunday, November 11th at the Pfluger Bridge downtown.

Another ride is scheduled on November 29th.

Austin police are still waiting on toxicology test results before wrapping up their investigation.
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