TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas -- Two new sections of State Highway 130 will open Wednesday morning, and with a posted speed limit of 85 mph.

Sections five and six stretch from Mustang Ridge south of Austin, to Seguin where the road intersects with Interstate 10.

The 41-mile stretch of road completes the reach from Austin to San Antonio. It runs through three counties: Travis, Caldwell and Guadalupe. It's designed as a way to detour drivers off the already congested Interstate 35, but it costs money to use the toll.

Drivers in a family car or truck who have a TX-TAG will pay a discounted rate of $6.17 for the new stretch. Truckers in 18-wheelers with a TX-TAG pay more than $24 for the same stretch. However the American Trucker s Association has argued that it s not safe for its drivers.

The posted speed limit along the 41-mile stretch reaches up to 85 mph. Most trucks aren t designed to handle those speeds.

It's governed out at 75; so doesn't even go 85, explained truck driver Mike Wilson.

Some expressed concern about safety with such speeds.

Anytime you got two different speeds set for two different vehicles on the same road -- you know what I mean, it's going to cause a problem, added truck driver James Regenauer.

Honestly I think it's a good idea because people go over the speed limit anyways, said Austin driver Kristine Latham.

For the first few weeks the toll authority is waiving all new toll fees along sections five and six. Drivers will be charged beginning Nov. 11. Drivers who don t have a TX-TAG can still use the toll. They will receive a bill in the mail.
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