HOUSTON-- On the week that would have marked Sadie Butler s 58th birthday, a handful of volunteers gathered to canvas a neighborhood.

They spoke to anyone who would listen and handed out signs.

We haven t run into anyone that didn t want to let us put one up, said Victor Gable, Butler s son-in-law. The community is really helping out trying to solve this murder.

In the early morning hours of June 9, someone discovered Butler s body in the 5600 block of West Tidwell. She had been shot in the head and was hunched over at a bus stop.

Her killer has yet to be found. Investigators still do not have a motive.

She would give you the shirt off her back, Butler s daughter, Delores Gable, said. If she had five dollars and it was her last and you told her you were hungry she d give it to you.

It is unclear how Butler ended up at the stop. Family members say it was unusual for her to ride the bus, and investigators say she was not robbed.

It was also miles from her daughter, with whom she was staying.

Police say a call was made from her cell phone the morning she died, though they are not sure who placed it.

Relatives, meantime, hope someone speaks up soon or that the killer comes forward.

We will forgive him, Delores Gables said. We just want you to come so you could be brought to justice.

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