HOUSTON Milo Hamilton and Hank Aaron will be linked forever thanks to the Hall of Fame announcer s call on the slugger s record-breaking 715th home run.

Hammerin Hank joined Hamilton on Tuesday to celebrate his retirement after 59 major league seasons.

Aaron told Hamilton: Your voice goes with me all over the world. Everywhere I go when people start talking about that home run, your voice comes back, and I want to say how much I appreciate that.

Hamilton called Aaron s 715th home run on April 8, 1974, as a broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves. He says that was the highlight of his career.

The 85-year-old Hamilton is retiring after 28 years with the Houston Astros. Aaron joined other baseball luminaries such as former Astros stars Craig Biggio and Nolan Ryan at a gala Tuesday to honor Hamilton.
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