HOUSTON A Kingwood mother has added another mug shot to her record and another DWI charge. For the second time in less than three weeks, the 35-year-old was arrested with her kids in tow.

Shauna Michelle Richardson was being held without bail at the Harris County Jail. She s now charged with her second third-degree felony DWI in less than a month.

Richardson was most recently arrested back on Oct. 10 in 2900 block of Windy Gorge Court. Another driver began following her when he reportedly noticed she was slamming into the curb with her two kids in the car.

Police said Richardson kept driving, even with a flat tire.

Officers soon closed in on her in a typically quiet cul-de-sac. Neighbors couldn t believe it.

The thing that hurt me the most, I could hear the little girls in the car, crying out mommy, mommy, explained neighbor Rebecca Brock. When he pulled them out of the car, they weren t tall enough to have their heads go over the window. They were so tiny.

Neighbors said a man came to the scene to pick up the two girls, ages 2 and 4.

When I saw a woman with two children, I thought what has she done, and why are there kids in the back of her car, recalled neighbor Stephanie Hoefar.

Neighbors soon put two and two together. They realized that Richardson was the same woman arrested less than three weeks ago at a nearby McDonald s.

During that incident, Richardson had reportedly passed out in the drive-thru with her 4-year-old in the car. Police said she was under the influence.

I m hoping she gets the help she needs and that those girls are taken care of, Brock said.

Richardson is no stranger to the law. According to records, she was arrested on suspicion of DWI in Conroe in 2005, and once again in Belville County in 2006.

CPS said Richardson s children are currently not in their custody.

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