HOUSTON An armed robbery and pepper spray is the last thing you d expect coming to Tiffany and Co in an upscale shopping mall, but it has happened twice in as many weeks.

In 16 years of doing this I have never seen something quite like this, said Shenandoah Assistant Police Chief Bryan Carlisle.

Wednesday night at Tiffany and Co. in The Woodlands a man armed with a semi-automatic rifle robbed the place and pepper sprayed the staff.

Lock your doors and nobody can come in or out. We had to do that for an hour or an hour and a half, said Stacey Hammon, who works across the street.

On Sept. 24 at a Citibank less than a mile away the same scenario happened.

After displaying a similar rifle, the suspect took on everyone in the branch, including customers, with pepper spray going right for the eyes.

Chief Carlisle said they are working hard to indentify a suspect.

Anytime a violent suspect is involving more than just their target, or their target merchandise, or the money they are after, of course, it is a gigantic concern for us, he said.

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