HOUSTON--Police have arrested a man they think is responsible for a half dozen armed robberies that took place Sunday morning.

Police nabbed the man after a short chase that included a wreck with an innocent bystander.

I didn t even know it was there. It just came and hit me! It bounced off kind of like a pinball machine and it just took off, said Deborah Dirden.

The front wheel of her car was completely torn off by the force of the collision.

Throughout Sunday morning, officers were getting reports of armed robberies with the same suspect vehicle, a white Lincoln.

When a call came in from the Family Dollar store on Navigation in the city s East End, there were several officers in the area.

They saw the Lincoln leaving the Family Dollar parking lot and quickly tried to catch up, but the suspect hit Deborah Dirden first.

Then the police started coming and I was like, Oh I bet he just robbed somebody, said Dirden.

Officer Jose Coronado was chasing the suspect.

Every robbery that he has been involved in he has displayed some type of gun and demanded money, he said.

Coronado caught the suspect after a short foot chase into a nearby park when the suspect ditched his disabled vehicle.

Police say they found a substantial amount of cash in the car but did not find a gun.

A gun was located on Navigation between the Family Dollar and the end of the chase scene.

The suspect is facing multiple charges.

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