GALVESTON The District 2 representative on Galveston s Neighborhood Revitalization Committee was cited for multiple nuisance violations on two of his properties.

Former City Councilman Chris Gonzales owns houses at 3212 Ave. O 1/2 and 3512 Ave. O 1/2. The city cited Gonzales for code violations at both properties in County Municipal Court on Sept. 27, claiming Gonzales failed to comply with abatement notices city code enforcement officers filed in August.

Gonzales did not respond to requests for comment from The Daily News.

Trash and debris citations were filed at 3212 O 1/2, citing stuff piled on porch and side yard ... high weeds and grass ... dead tree limbs, trash litter, salvage material or junk, rubbish and debris ... and a motorcycle placed in the city right-of-way, according to an Aug. 9 citation from the Department of Planning and Community Development.

Gonzales also failed to maintain the premises at 2315 Ave. 0 1/2 free and clear of all nuisances, by failing to remove all trash, litter and debris at such property as required and within ten days after notice by the city pursuant to Sections 23-5-1 and 25 of the city of Galveston code, so as not to be a blight or adversely affect public health or safety.

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