SPRING, Texas -- A second grade student in Spring claims that a classmate recently attacked her near school.

The girl and her family did not want to be identified.

She said she was reaching into her backpack to get gum for a friend, when a boy kicked her to the ground--and kept kicking.

I just started feeling dizzy all of a sudden, she said.

The girl said she had trouble breathing and that she now has a bruise on her stomach. Her older sister tried stepping in to help, but she said the second grade boy fought her too.

School was letting out at Heritage Elementary when it happened, and the girls grandmother had been waiting for them around the corner.

When she heard their story, she said she went straight to the principal.

Yet the principal said there was little she could do. Although it happened within visibility of the school, it was technically off school property.

I never thought this could happen, the grandmother said.

A spokeswoman for Spring ISD confirmed the incident and said the principal is now working with the families.

The girls mother is concerned the attacks are not over.

It could escalate again to something, she said. It could be worse this time.

She plans on keeping her daughter enrolled at Heritage for now.

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