SAN MARCOS, Texas -- Nine senior citizens made the leap of their lives Thursday. Two men in their nineties, one80-year-old and several in their seventies spent the day in the air at Skydive San Marcos.

It was the first time for all the seniors, who are residents atQuerencia at BartonCreek life care retirement resort.

Edward Price is the youngest of the senior skydivers. The 76-year-old retired cardiologist said the jump felt like flying and asked You didn't see me waving my wings there? That was good. I only threw up once.

Of course, Price was joking. No one threw up.

In all, nine senior citizens signed up to skydive and they all made the jump. The only issue was a hand injury.

Staff at Querencia arranged the event to celebrate what seniors can do in life. They told KVUE all the seniors are already planning their next trip.

The oldest of thebunch, John Green, made the jump with this two granddaughters. The 98-year-old Green said heis ready to go again.

I didn't want to stop. It was gorgeous, floating through the air feeling the exhilaration through your whole body, he said.

Green's next jump is planned for his 100thbirthday celebration. Both his granddaughters, Emily and Amanda, said they'll jump with him again.

Before skydiving, Green said, Some people thought I was a little off my beam to do it at this stage of life, but I don't think so, I think its a great idea!

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