HOUSTON Make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened, put your tray tables in the upright position and get ready for a tighter squeeze on United Airlines flights.

The airline is planning to retrofit 152 of its planes with slim-line seats, reducing the seat size from 18 to 17 inches.

No, that s not going to work at all, said Hazel Smith of Houston. They are already too tight, you can t move, you have backaches. You already have no leg room so I can t imagine it smaller.

United says its passengers shouldn t notice the change since leg room won t be affected.

But Smith thinks the seats are already too small.

Very uncomfortable and I was sitting up on row 10, and they still were small, she said. So I can t imagine them getting any smaller.

Huntsville resident Paul Sonnier agrees.

Trying to use a keyboard when you are all cramped up, I don t even use my laptop... because it s almost impossible to do, he said.

The changes will be made sometime next year.

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