HOUSTON It s now served up sweet and available in a multitude of flavors at places like Tutti Fruitti where they offer even a soy blend.

The owner of the Cinco Ranch frozen yogurt shop points out, It s gluten free, it s protein rich, and it s nonfat as well.

From new frozen varieties to fresh, the yogurt biz is booming.

Kroger believes yogurt sales can be attributed in large part to the rising popularity of Greek yogurt. In 2009 it made up less than 5 percent of the grocery store s total yogurt sales, today its over 30 percent.

Registered dietitian Monica Bearden s must have is nonfat, Greek, has less than 15 grams of sugar, and is 150 to 160 calories.

Greek yogurt is a little higher in protein than regular yogurt. So, 14 grams of protein is great, says Monica. It s a nutrient rich snack or meal.

But not everybody s ready to go Greek just yet. Recent college graduate Rachel Wright picks up traditional low fat yogurt.

I just try to eat it kind of as a mid-day snack or sometimes for breakfast along with some cereal, shares Rachel.

But ... whether it s low fat, Greek, fresh, or frozen yogurt... there s practically no such thing as a bad choice.

That s unless you top it off wrong. What you put on top or add in to your fresh or frozen yogurt can make all the difference. Avoid added fats & sugars, plus stick to healthy fruits & nuts. If you must indulge the dietitian recommends sticking to one to two teaspoons of candy or enough indulgent treats.

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