Five families, all moving to Austin or San Antonio, are wondering where their belongings have gone. They've been waiting a month for the moving company or someone to provide them with the answer to a simple question.Where is their moving truck?

Aaron and Jean Cacali had lived in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area for 15 years.Jean loved baking bread and muffins for their daughters, but an opportunity to move to Austin was too hard to pass up.

Everyone said Austin is a beautiful town and a beautiful city, Aaron Cacali said. You will love it there.It is a great place to raise kids.

While it may still prove to be the right move, nothing has gone right with their actual move to Austin. All seems normal as Jean and her daughters Ella and Helena play with their princess castle. Another look shows the Cacali's castle is all but bare. It's been this way since they moved in on July 8.For two weeks they were told their truck had just been delayed. Then came word that the truck with their belongings had been stolen.Jean was in a store at the time.

My girls were there, and luckily they didn't see me with tears coming down my face, she said.

I don't think we have fully gotten over this or even fully come to grips with it, Aaron Cacali said. Partially because the mystery hasn't been solved.

This moving mystery started with the Cacali's belongings being trucked from Pittsburgh to Chicago. The load was then put on a train to Dallas and then trucked to a trailer container lot in Denton.The Cacali's say their moving company told them surveillance video proves the transportation company removed their trailer from the lot.The transportation company says the serial number the truck that's shown leaving does not match the one containing their belongings. Now the Cacali's are back to square one.

My entire goal is just to get our stuff back, Aaron Cacali said.

In the meantime their Circle-C home remains decidedly empty.

My little girl said, 'I just want to go home. I just want to go back to Pittsburgh to our Pittsburgh house. It just felt nicer there,' Jean Cacali said.

We called the Cacali's mover and left him voicemail messages. He has not returned our calls.
In the meantime, the Cacali's say Swift Transportation -- which has had one of its container's stolen -- has been proactive and helpful. Anyone with information on a Swift, intermodal trailer with the serial number 103177 is asked to call Crimestoppers. That number is 472-TIPS.

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