HOUSTON Harris County Precinct 4 Constables say that they discovered a number of suspects squatting in a storage unit where they had amassed stolen property and set up counter surveillance.

On July 26, the owner of a storage facility contacted authorities to say that there were people squatting on his property and stealing electricity and water.

Constables found one woman who allegedly had meth in her possession inside a stolen camp trailer in a storage room. The woman was identified as April Kovacich and taken into custody.

After searching the unit, investigators discovered property including five motorcycles, two ATVs, a golf cart, a go-kart, a power washer, two generators, a copy machine, several televisions and a large quantity of cell phones they believe stolen from multiple storage facilities across Houston and Spring.

The suspects are also accused of using remote video cameras and digital video recording devices to see when people would come onto the property. Investigators also recovered two radios that they say suspects were using to monitor police scanner traffic.

Several male suspects are also wanted in connection with the case.

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