HOUSTON After the tragic shooting in Aurora on Friday, many are wondering whether it s legal to bring a weapon into a movie theater if you possess a concealed handgun license.

The answer is yes. The reason is because the legislature excepted out the places you can t take [a gun] and a movie theater is not one of them, said KHOU 11 News Legal Analyst Gerald Treece.

NRA board member Charles Cotton helped write state gun laws and after seeing reports of the shooting in Colorado, he immediately wondered if any of the victims had a license to carry.

It s always safer if a would-be mass murderer knows there could be armed people in here, said Cotton.

Others think that bringing guns into theaters might be excessive.

When I come here, I really do not think about security at all. I m thinking everybody s coming here to watch a movie and enjoy themselves-- not to create a mess, said moviegoer Bao Le.

I m certainly interested in some increased protection. An incident like that is tragic. But I m not sure how far people should go, said David Powell.

All theaters may not be okay with customers carrying weapons, however, and to prevent that they can post signs asking you not to carry.

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