WEATHERFORD, Texas- After being tortured and left for dead, a little mixed breed named Hope is becoming the Hope Diamond of dogs.

Priceless and famous, around the world.

Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, England -- people from England want to adopt her, said veterinarian technician Rhonda Sears, who has been caring for Hope.

The Netherlands, London, Illinois, Arizona, said Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler. The list goes on. Illinois, Indiana, Iowa.

Fowler said Wednesday afternoon so much money has been donated, he can already guarantee a $10,000 reward, and that was before a $25,000 reward was offered by an anonymous donor through the Texas Humane Alliance.

Despite all the calls, he's still waiting on the one with information on the person who tortured Hope.

She was somebody's trash on Sunday, said Sears, stroking Hope's thick, gray fur. Today she's everybody's treasure. Everybody loves Hope.

Not everybody.

When rescuers found her Monday, it wasn't clear she would survive. Someone had taped her muzzle shut on her outstretched tongue. She had black electrical tape wrapped around her muzzle, and five deep, bloody slices on her body.

How could you look into those eyes and do something mean to her? Sears said.

She'll take Hope to her house for foster care.

We're looking for any information, Sheriff Fowler said. Anything.

The dog is eating hard food, and she started wagging her tail Wednesday. Hope's story remains a mystery.

She knows how to sit when you tell her to sit, Sears said. She's known love. She knows how to be loved.

Adoption offers are coming in from all over, and maybe one from very close to home.

I made the mistake of taking my wife by there today, Sheriff Fowler said. We'll just have to wait and see.

Anyone with information on Hope or her abuser should contact Parker County Crime Stoppers at 817-599-5555. Reward offers can be funneled through the Sheriff's Office at 817-594-8845. The Texas Humane Alliance encourages anyone with information contact the Sheriff's Office.


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