HOUSTON Certain Houston burglars are now targeting cars parked at daycares while parents pick up and drop off theirchildren.

In one surveillance video, a mother and her child can be seen walking into a daycare along Fry Road in Katy. Less than 20 seconds later, a suspect s vehicle pulls up.

The man in the passenger seat exits and initially hides behind the open door. He doesn t wait long to find his opportune moment, pushing in the window of another car with his bare hands and leaning in.

I was freaking stunned at how quick it was, how easy and how quick it was, said a father who only wants to be identified as David .

David says he s also stunned that it happened outside his child s daycare. He was not present when his vehicle was broken into, but he says his wife went into Hopscotch Daycare for no more than a minute or so.

He believes the suspect is a career criminal who is out for financial information.

My main concern is this will keep happening and at what point does this become an armed break-in? he said.

An employee at Childtime Childcare, just about a half mile away, reports similar crimes.

She said it has happened in the parking lot of Childtime three times in the last three weeks.

A mother at that daycare, who did not want to give her name, thinks daycares are simply an easy target.

My guess is they re just young kids out of school right now, looking for ways to pass time, she said.

David feels otherwise. He believes whoever is responsible for this is dangerous and shouldn t be underestimated.

So far, investigators have not gone as far as to connect the crimes. However, the criminals strategies are strikingly similar.

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