HOUSTON A Magnolia teenager is still recovering from a beating Thursday that left him in the hospital, and his family is wondering why nothing has been done to his young attacker.

Daniel Staeth, 13, said he doesn t remember much of Thursday, at least not after 6 p.m.

He just came at me and just ran up and went like that, Daniel said, motioning with his fist in front of his face.

He said the other teenager hit him at least once just below the left eye, knocking him out briefly, shattering his glasses, and leaving a piece of the glass behind in his cheek.

His mom got a call from a child who witnessed the attack.

He s got blood all over his face. His glasses are broken, you need to come now, Tiffany Staeth said the child said. I ran out the front door thinking that they were right here at the park.

Daniel had been taken more than a half mile away to a secluded area between two subdivisions, and that is where the bully and several other kids were waiting, he said.

He thinks he is big and bad, Daniel said of his attacker. KHOU 11 News is not naming the child because of his age and the fact that no charges have been filed.

Daniel said the teenager had a reputation as a bully, and at least two of the other kids with the attacker allegedly recorded the attack on cell phones.

Daniel said he still doesn t understand.

I don t know why but he was really mad he would wanted to hit me, he said.

Daniel is a special-needs child and suffers from epilepsy. After the attack he was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and transferred to Texas Children s Hospital.

I think it is just sick. That any kid out there could just come up and do this to any kid. I think it is just sick, Daniel s mom said.

Tiffany Staeth said she is even angrier because after filing a police report five days ago, she s heard nothing from the sheriff s department and nothing from the family of the attacker.

I d like a phone call. I want something done, she said.

She said in the coming weeks, Daniel will need surgery to repair the damage to the eye socket, or risk future vision loss and eye damage.

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