HOUSTON When Kyle Toland bought his home in Garden Oaks, he didn t realize he was inheriting some holy real estate.

For months, complete strangers would stop at the oak tree near the edge of his property on N. Shepherd Drive. And many of them would kneel in prayer.

There is always someone, either parking here (and) around the curb, bringing flowers. Lots of families, Toland said.

One day, he stopped a man who pulled up in a truck.

I was concerned that maybe someone in his family had passed, (I) wanted to say hello and be friendly.

Instead, Toland said the man handed him a pamphlet about the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe.

Toland said once or twice a week, people will stop by to lay flowers and candles.

Most of the people that come by keep it in very good condition. They will rearrange everything to make it nice and pretty, he said.

It s unclear how the image came to be, but Toland said he believes a car might have hit the tree.

I think it s wonderful that people come by and pray and believe in their faith, he said.

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