HOUSTON What began on Twitter mushroomed into a major student protest at Memorial High School over a student dress code some called too restrictive.

At issue are yoga pants ,which school policy forbids. The pants are popular with a lot of female students.

I think it s dumb, but it s a school rule, so I guess you ve got to follow it, said Katie Frazier.

On Thursday, dozens of female students donned the prohibited pants in a show of defiance. A number of them were apparently given in-school suspension for violating school policy.

Some parents accused school officials of ignoring more pertinent issues.

My issue with Memorial High School is that they refuse to deal with the bigger issues such as bullying, said Brenda Winfree.

Spring Branch ISD Spokesperson Steve Brunson said the dress code is clear.

Memorial High School s dress code is outlined in the school planner which each student receives. The MHS dress code is established to prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards and prepare each student for future employability, Brunson said.

While school administrators plan to meet with student leaders next week to discuss the school dress code in further detail, some students are vowing to continue their protests.

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