LAKE JACKSON, Texas The woman convicted of the worst arson fire in Lake Jackson s history is out of prison.

In October 2000, Sadie Proffitt set her husband s recliner on fire at the Woodhollow Apartments to make his natural death appear accidental for insurance money.

The fire spread to the apartment upstairs.

That s where 18-year-old Omar Attar and his wife, Felicia, lived along with their infant son. Omar s twin brother, Danny, was visiting at the time. All four died in the blaze.

Four children died, said the twins father, Ray Attar. That s not right.

Proffitt was sentenced to 60 years for murder in the case but was paroled in May 2011 after less than 10 years. The families of the victims and the prosecutor in the case found out about the parole on Monday.

That prosecutor, Jeri Yenne, is now the Brazoria County District Attorney.

I don t believe I ve ever been this outraged in my entire professional career, said Yenne. They received justice from jury, but not from the state I love, the state of Texas.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Proffitt, now 65, was released for a medical condition. But they couldn t say what that condition was. The possibilities range from mental illness, to being elderly and needing long-term care.

The district judge in Brazoria County got a letter from Texas Pardons and Paroles in April 2011. It clearly states that Proffitt s eligibility for parole is in August 2031.

Apparently there is a medical loophole that s being utilized, said Yenne.

Ray Attar has placed calls to Pardons and Paroles, but said he can t get any answers. He said he feel victimized again.

There s something wrong with the justice system, said Attar.

Proffitt is currently living at a senior care facility in Fort Worth and spends time on the Internet. The DA said she has a Facebook page.

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