HOUSTON For nearly two decades, Doctors Hospital on Parker and North Freeway provided medical care for thousands of north Houston residents. But when Hurricane Ike blew in, the hospital flooded. Police say it s become contaminated and has never reopened.

Margie Pryor, who lives nearby, says thieves are constantly breaking into the abandoned hospital.

I ve been living here since 1957 and everybody does their yard, she said. You can buy your house and pay for it and then you have to look and be scared somebody is going to come across that fence and kill you or shoot you through the windows or something.

Though the property is surrounded by a chain-link fence, it s not secure.

Police showed KHOU 11 News several holes where people have been able to get in.

In addition to broken glass, fallen ceilings and tons of trash litter the floor. Used needles can also be found in several rooms, along with a vial that appeared to contain blood.

Outside one particular waiting room, there appeared to be more hazardous waste. In fact, one yellow label read, If found, call police.

Otha Crisp lives right behind the hospital as well. He said his neighbor saw someone on the roof of the abandoned building last week.

His dog was barking. He heard them up there so he called the police, said Crisp.

HPD said they are running calls out of the hospital every night.

The department is currently working to get the building demolished.

It is owned by the Doctors Hospital on Tidwell.

Pryor calls them often, but says she s not getting the answers she s looking for.

It s like talking to that wall right there when you call them, she said.

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